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Nicos Anastasiades welcomes investigation into allegations

The former President addresses author Drousiotis, asserting ''The only thing that should scare him is the truth''


In a written statement, former President Nicos Anastasiades welcomed the opening of the investigation into what he termed as "false and unsubstantiated allegations" contained in the book "Mafia State" by Makarios Drousiotis. He expressed satisfaction with the initiation of the inquiry and emphasized his stance that any findings should be made public.

The former President also addressed the allegations suggesting that legal action against Drousiotis was an attempt to intimidate him. Anastasiades dismissed this notion as a new assertion by the investigator, anticipating further revelations.

"I wish to assure and point out to Mr. Drousiotis that the only thing that should scare him is the truth," Anastasiades stated. He emphasized that drousiotis had recorded false and deliberate information in his books, contrary to the letters, notes, and studies handed over during his service.

The statement further indicated that deliberate distortions, contradictory statements, and self-contradictions in Drousiotis's work would be presented as evidence to the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Court of Justice. Anastasiades expressed confidence that these submissions would systematically refute the alleged malicious and slanderous lies.

"As a proponent of the truth, I am sure he will have the courage to expose his fiction to both the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Court," Anastasiades concluded, anticipating the investigation while committing to providing only the essential information.

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