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Nicosia gears up for Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2023

Join the community, run with purpose, and support charitable initiatives at this year's Quantum Nicosia Marathon


On Sunday, December 10, 2023, Nicosia will host the eagerly awaited "Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2023," featuring various race categories, including the Marathon, Half Marathon, 7.7 Miles (12,400m), and 5km races (individual and corporate). Additionally, a 1-mile (1,600m) race will be held, extending an open invitation to all citizens and particularly young students within the educational community. This event embodies the spirit of social sports, participation, and lifelong exercise.

The "Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2023" is proudly organized and financed by the "Athanassios Ktoridis" Foundation, with a strong commitment to national social responsibility. The marathon champions several charitable causes, including support for the Alkinos Artemiou Foundation, dedicated to children with oncological and hematological diseases, the Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Heart Disease, the charitable organization "Mikori Heroes," the Nicosia Municipal Multicultural Center, the Pan-Cypriot Autistic Association, the Pan-Cypriot Committee of Mothers - Relatives of National Guards PEMSE, and the Independent Social Support Agency.

This year's marathon has been placed under the auspices of the esteemed Mrs. Philippas Karseras Christodoulidis, who expressed her unwavering support for children and teenagers during the Press Conference announcing the event. Mrs. Christodoulidis also emphasized her commitment to environmental protection as part of her agenda as First Lady.

During the Press Conference held on September 27, 2023, at the New Nicosia City Hall, Mr. Hatzisavvas, Events Director of the "Athanassios Ktoridis" Foundation, unveiled the program encompassing the "Quantum Nicosia Marathon 23." Highlights include a 3-hour sports program combining music and movement, hosted by Les Miles at Liberty Square's lower level on Sunday, November 26. On the same day, representatives of the "Athanassios Ktoridis" Foundation will be available to assist individuals interested in registering for the marathon races. Additionally, a group of runners will embark on a training session to explore Nicosia, guided by Mrs. Pola Hatzipapas.

The Registration and Delivery Center for BIB numbers will be open on Friday, December 8, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Saturday, December 9, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and Sunday, December 10, from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the Nicosia Archaeological Museum. Visitors on these days can also participate in guided tours led by Mrs. Eftychia Kaila, Curator of Antiquities.

Another noteworthy initiative, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Association of Spouses of Diplomats, is the International Bazaar, an annual event. The International Bazaar will coincide with the grand "Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2023" and already boasts participation from 15 embassies. These embassies will offer food and products from their respective countries, with proceeds electronically donated to institutions supported by the "Athanassios Ktoridis" Foundation.

Ms. Apostoloumi, Technical Advisor and inspirer of the Environmental Program, unveiled the "Run - Donate - Protect" program, focusing on three core areas: protection, sustainable use, and sustainable development (Forest Environment, Material Recycling, and Transportation). Notably, a tree planting event is scheduled for November 18, 2023, at the Forest Park of Athalassa, in collaboration with the Forestry Department. Ms. Apostoloumi also highlighted the fruitful collaboration with the Deputy Ministry of Tourism and AIMS, extending the reach of "Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2023" internationally.

Mr. Papapostolou, Racing Director of "Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2023," expressed gratitude to all participants and emphasized that all routes adhere to regulations, offering ideal challenges for runners looking to push their limits. The marathon route traverses key landmarks of the capital and encompasses vast sections outside the urban environment, including Athalassa Park and the Cyprus State University facilities.

Concluding the event, Mrs. Kourou, Director of the "Athanassios Ktoridis" Foundation, underscored the significance of volunteerism and solidarity. She thanked all contributors and highlighted the presence of the Special Olympics team, uniting in support of this charitable celebration.

For comprehensive information about event details, routes, participation conditions, participant benefits, and all things related to "Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2023," please visit the official website:

About "Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2023

"Quantum Nicosia Marathon 2023" is a charity marathon event organized by the "Athanassios Ktoridis" Foundation, aimed at promoting social sports, participation, and lifelong exercise. The event supports various charitable organizations and enjoys the patronage of Mrs. Philippas Karseras Christodoulidis, First Lady of Cyprus. With a commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement, the marathon has become a celebrated annual event in Nicosia.

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