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Nicosia kindergartens receive bomb threats

Two kindergatens in Nicosia received the same email on Thursday, which warned that bombs were planted there and would be detonated if a transfer of €80,000 in Bitcoin was not made


Two Nicosia kindergartens were subject to bomb threats on Thursday by people as of yet unknown, who threatened to blow the premises up if they didn’t receive €80,000 in Bitcoin.

The bomb threat, made via email, first targeted a kindergarten in Ayios Dometios. The email said that a bomb had been planted in the kindergarten and would be detonated if the transfer of a large sum in the form of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin was not arranged.

Police were alerted and scoured the premises for the bomb, which was not found, allowing teachers and children to return to their classes.

Likely realising that the first endeavour failed, the same email was sent later on Thursday morning to another Nicosia kindergarten, causing distress anew. Police rushed to the second kindergarten, coming the same result.

Police believe the same person was behind both bomb threats, as the emails were sent by the same account and were identical in content.

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