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Nicosia's camera system gets an upgrade

Improved surveillance and regulation for smoother roads and safer streets

As of June 6, 2023, the traffic camera system in Nicosia will undergo an expansion with the installation of new cameras at two controlled intersections. The move aims to improve surveillance and regulation of traffic in the area.

The focus of the expansion will be the controlled intersection of Arch. Makarios III, Spyrou Kyprianou, and Digeni Akrita. Three additional fixed traffic cameras will be activated at this location, enabling comprehensive monitoring of the designated routes.

Under the new system, the light detection technology will oversee the straight-line sections of Spyrou Kyprianou and Digeni Akrita avenues. Furthermore, at Arch. Makarios III Avenue, the system will closely regulate the two lanes designated for private vehicles, as well as the bus lane leading towards Nicosia.

It is important to note that the section of Arch. Makarios III between the controlled intersection with Digeni Akrita and Spyros Kyprianou Avenues, up to the controlled junction with Evagorou Street, will function as a two-way traffic route. However, only public transport vehicles (buses), taxis, bicycles, and vehicles authorized to use licensed parking spaces will be allowed to enter.

Motorists using Arch. Makarios III are advised to adhere to the traffic lights that regulate each lane separately. Drivers must follow the indications of the signals, ensuring they utilize the appropriate lane based on their vehicle type (private vehicles in the second and third lane, and public vehicles in the first lane).

In addition to the expansion in Nicosia, three fixed cameras located at the junction of Strovolos Avenue and Mahera Street in Strovolos will also be activated. These cameras are expected to further enhance monitoring and enforcement of traffic regulations in the area.

The new and improved traffic camera system is expected to contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of traffic flow in Nicosia, ensuring a smoother and more regulated experience for motorists and pedestrians alike.

[Information sourced from official announcement]

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