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14 new fixed cameras in operation after 'Kataklismos'

Enhanced road safety measures with the addition of photo-enforcement cameras

14 new fixed photo-enforcement cameras are being added to the urban road network after the Deluge weekend, according to Tasos Asiekkis, Chief Inspector of the Traffic Police Department.

As he stated on SPORT FM and the "DIASPORA" show, there are currently 10 fixed photo-enforcement cameras and 14 mobile ones in operation. Starting from June 6th, six new fixed cameras are expected to be put into operation in Nicosia, which have already been installed and are currently undergoing a trial operation at two intersections. Additionally, eight new fixed cameras are expected to be put into operation at two intersections in Limassol starting from June 12th.

Mr. Asiekkis emphasized that the goal is to reduce the speed of drivers, and this is something they should be aware of, as it will help to limit the road hazards for all users of the road network.



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