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Nicosia school riled up over father’s threats

PA president and father of female student says he’s got a knife and is not afraid of anyone


A male student at a vocational school in Nicosia has told police that the president of the Parents Association issued threats against him over comments the teen made about the man's daughter.

According to local media, students at a public technical school in the capital were on edge last Friday and did not want to return to class, following an incident where the father of a female student went to her school and leveled threats in public.

The overprotective dad showed up at school telling teachers and students he had a knife and was not afraid of anyone

The father reportedly did not like some of the comments made about his daughter, while it was not clear what exactly the male student had said. Reports said the overprotective dad showed up at school and told teachers as well as students that he had a knife and was not afraid of anyone.

Earlier local media reported that upon hearing about the comments, the father had issued threats against the male student as well as his father, while the male student was then made aware of the threats.

Police reportedly received a formal complaint from the male student, but it was not clear whether the complaint was filed before or after the incident at school.

Schoolmates refused to go back to class and demanded that the father be removed from his position as PA president.

Police did not issue a report over the incident while the school administration was said to have intervened.

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