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No visa required for Qatari citizens visiting the EU

Qatari citizens will now be able to enter Schengen Zone Countries visa-free

Source: Schengen Visa Info

Qatari nationals can now travel to the Schengen Zone countries of the European Union without first obtaining a visa.

The European Parliament has confirmed the decision, according to

The European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs voted in favor of Qatar, with only 16 members voting against it, according to the Brussels Morning Newspaper. The new decision was made in the midst of the World Cup 2022.

Majed bin Mohammed Al Ansari, Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed delight over the decision that the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the European Parliament made in order to exempt all citizens of Qatar from visa requirements when traveling to Schengen Zone countries.

Al Ansari also talked about the next steps, which, among others, include the beginning of deliberations in a commission representing the European Commission, the European Union, as well as the European Parliament in order to create a concrete plan for the Schengen visa exemption agreement between Qatar and the EU.

Abdulaziz bin Ahmed Al Malki, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the European Union and NATO, welcomed the decision considering it a fundamental step toward the finalization of the exemption file.

He also stressed that the vote comes as part of the efforts of Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to care about the interest of citizens and expedite their travels to all countries worldwide.

In April 2022, the European Commission proposed the lifting of visa requirements for Qatar, stressing that these countries have already met all the needed conditions in order for this process to be completed.

“The final objective is to ensure regional coherence and ultimately achieve visa-free travel for all Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Together with our upcoming Joint Communication on the Gulf, this proposal will reinforce the overall partnership and strengthen the cooperation between the EU and the Gulf Cooperation Council,”  High Representative Borell stressed previously in this regard.

In addition, a press release published previously by the authority noted that the proposal follows a detailed assessment of irregular migration, as well as public policy and security and economic benefits and the Union’s relations with Qatar and Kuwait.

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