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North and south touch base on coronavirus

No word yet on re-opening checkpoints as bicommunal health committee meets


A bicommunal technical committee on health was set to convene on Wednesday to discuss the situation pertaining to the coronavirus outbreak across Cyprus, while it was not clear whether meeting would include discussion on re-opening checkpoints.

The Greek Cypriot co-head of the committee, Leonidas Phylactou, told the Cyprus News Agency that the main matter on the agenda would be “to brief each other on the pandemic, the situation on both sides and the measures in place.”

Based on local media reporting on both sides of the divided island, crossings were not expected to open before end of June

Phylactou said that he was in touch with his Turkish Cypriot counterpart on a daily basis, adding that the full committee was to have a meeting via teleconference around noon.

Asked whether the opening of crossing points on the basis of epidemiological data from both sides was to discussed, he said the agenda was to discuss the general situation on both sides in relation to the pandemic.

Turkish Cypriot authorities closed down all crossings in mid-March, following Greek Cypriot authorities deciding to close a number of checkpoints in late February.

Based on local media reporting on both sides of the divided island, crossings were not expected to open before end of June.

Earlier this week, UN officials in Cyprus said they have received 1200 face masks from the Embassy of China, with Ambassador Xingyuan Huang expressing his thanks to the Office of the Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General.

“A special donation today; 1200 masks out of the Chinese Embassy's own stock to the Bi-communal technical committees for their better protection at work in facilitating the political process of the Cyprus problem as restrictions gradually lift. Thanks to OSASG for their assistance,” the ambassador wrote.

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