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Occupied: 30,000 children of mixed marriages are claiming RoC citizenship

The issue was brought up in the 'parliament'

Source: CNA

According to the "MP" of the opposition PTK who raised the issue in "parliament," the number of children of mixed marriages in the occupied territories claiming citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus has reached 30,000. They have been labeled "illegal children," according to Urun Soliali, and their human rights are being violated, as well as their opportunities for education and employment. Hassan Tatsoi, the "labor minister," responded to Mr. Soliali by criticizing the Republic of Cyprus for this.

Mr. Soliali told the Cypriot press that declaring such children "illegal" makes them uncomfortable. He went on to say that the issue has now become a social issue, noting that the 30,000 figure is for children of mixed marriages from either a T/C father or mother and that some of them have been applying for RoC citizenship for years. He claimed that the Republic of Cyprus has a regressive attitude.

approximately 2,000 T/Cs work in the free zones, but those who are more than just workers are required to know Greek

He recalled that T/C unions had taken initiatives and actions to defend - as he put it - the human rights of these children, emphasizing that the issue is more than just a legal one. He claimed that the "presidential" administration has been left behind because it has done nothing about the issue, adding that a study on what the "administration" can do about the issue should have been conducted, but that political will is required.

The PTK "MP" stated that children of such marriages want to work in the "south," and that action should be taken toward "southern Cyprus" - as he referred to the RoC government - "which has ratified the UN treaties." He also suggested that constructive proposals be made to the EU. And he believes that the "presidential" branch is "obligated" to find a solution to the problem.

Even at bi-communal events, these children are separated, according to "Minister of Labour and Social Security" Hassan Tatsoi, who took the floor after the PKK "MP." He did, however, blame the Republic of Cyprus for what is happening to these children, calling the situation a "shame for the EU."

He went on to say that he was told that the only place to "fix it" was in the European Parliament. "It is our responsibility to spread awareness about this injustice." And the "parliament" has a role to play in highlighting that segregation occurs from an early age in Cyprus (due to the G/C's), he added.

Tatsoi also stated that approximately 2,000 TCs work in the free zones, but those who are more than just workers are required to know Greek. "The Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus recognizes Turkish, Greek, and English as official languages," he said, questioning why Turkish is not recognized when the other two are.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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