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Officers bitten during arrest of Ayia Napa flasher

Woman says driver was completely naked from waist down when he pulled over to ask for help


A man who was naked from the waist down when he approached a woman in Ayia Napa to ask for help ended up biting police officers who were trying to arrest him.

Local media said a local man in Ayia Napa was in his car when he pulled up next to a foreign woman on Tuesday afternoon.

Police said the man pulled up next to the female pedestrian on a coastal road and told the woman he had misplaced his phone in the car and asked if she could call him.

As the woman was trying to dial the number, the driver got out of the vehicle and she realized he was completely naked from the waist down with his penis out in the open

As the 37-year-old woman was trying to dial the number, the 32-year-old driver got out of the vehicle, with the pedestrian realizing he was completely naked from the waist down and his penis was out in the open.

According to the woman, described in the media as as permanent resident, she started to walk away as he was calling on her to help him out.

Police were notified about the incident and officers attempted to arrest the man, who was described as a Greek Cypriot resident of Ayia Napa.

During his interaction with police, the suspect resisted arrest and started kicking and biting the officers, who later received medical treatment for bruises and cuts in their hands and legs.

The suspect is facing multiple charges including indecent assault, indecent exposure, and disorderly conduct, while it is also expected to face assault charges.

Ayia Napa police are investigating the incident.

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