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Officials say Akamas fires were malicious

Fires in Lara and Kapsala ‘malicious’ following discovery of black coal in four locations


A forest fire in Lara on the western coast appears to be the result of arson after forestry officials discovered black coal in four different locations.

According to local media, a fire broke out Thursday in the early morning hours in Akamas forest near Lara as well as Kapsala in Peyia.

Fire lookouts who were monitoring the area quickly became aware of the fire, after spotting the sources during the initial stages of the blaze.

Black coal was discovered in four different locations believed to be sources of the fire, prompting officials to say the fire was malicious

Polis Chrysochous fire fighters along with Wildlife and Forestry officials, rushed to the area, with at least one fire source being near a turtle nesting place in Lara, and managed to contain all fires before damages could take their toll.

Following an investigation, black coal was discovered in four different locations, described as sources of the fire, prompting officials to say the fire was malicious.

Police believe the perpetrators chose a time shortly after midnight in order to maximize destruction and minimize the chances of getting caught.

An investigation is underway while more fire lookouts have been ordered to monitor the area, which is already being conducted on a 24-hour basis.

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