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Officials warn over hot and humid weather

Humidity and temperatures around 40 will create a heat wave feel factor Tuesday and Wednesday


High temperatures combined with humidity are creating heat wave conditions this week, with maximum temperatures expected to reach 40 degrees Tuesday and Wednesday.

Although the maximum temperature around the capital won’t go above 40 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, labour department officials are warning both workers and employers that outdoor conditions will likely create heat wave conditions with a feel factor possibly higher than 40 due to a combination of hot weather and high humidity.

“Such conditions could pose health risks to employees who are exposed to a thermal load,” according to a statement released Tuesday.

Thermal load is defined as the temperature that causes the effect on buildings, such as outdoor air temperature, solar radiation, underground temperature, indoor air temperature and the heat source equipment inside the building.

Employers and employees are reminded to make sure to follow all rules and guidelines and remember to take many breaks from the heat and drink plenty of water.

Yellow warning for Tuesday

Due to high temperatures, the Weather Service issued a yellow alert from 12 noon until 5pm on Tuesday.

Officials say people who are particularly sensitive to hot weather, including senior citizens, young children, pregnant women, and people who face health issues, ought to take precautions, such as drink plenty of fluids (water), dress lightly, avoid extended exposure to the sun, and stay in cooled areas using air fans or air condition units. 

Maximum temperatures around 40

Tuesday skies will be mostly clear throughout the day but low clouds could form in the early afternoon mainly around the foothills.

There is a chance of isolated showers over the weekend according to the official weather forecast

Winds will start gentle with variable direction during the early part of the day as they shift towards southwesterly and northwesterly winds in the afternoon, light to moderate, and then develop into strong winds in the south in the late afternoon hours.

The sea will be calm during the day and relatively calm in the afternoon.

Maximum temperatures are expected to reach 40° Celsius inland, 35 in the east and south, around 32 in the rest of the coastal regions and 31 on the mountains.

Evening skies will be mostly clear with low clouds and possibly mist in the early morning, with fog also expected for a short period of time.

Minimum temperatures will drop to 23° out west, 25 inland and all other coastal regions, while it will be 19 degrees on the mountains.

No change is expected for Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday skies will be mostly clear but with some local cloud formations between noon and afternoon.

Thursday temperatures are expected to drop slightly and remain the same on Friday.

There is a chance of rain and isolated showers over the weekend, according to the official weather forecast. 

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