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Over 2,000 users raise alarm over iPhone 15 Pro heat

Thousands report scorching temperatures on new models


Numerous Apple customers have voiced concerns about the recently launched iPhone 15, citing issues of overheating just days after its release.

Buyers of the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models have taken to various online platforms, including Apple's customer support pages, Reddit, and social media, to report that their devices have become uncomfortably hot to the touch.

More than 2,000 users on Apple's forums have shared their experiences with this overheating problem. However, some users have refuted these claims, suggesting that the issue may be linked to the use of subpar charging cables or excessive consumption of video and gaming apps.

Apple has refrained from commenting on these reports. On its customer support pages, the company acknowledges that iPhones might become warm during initial setup, wireless charging, or when using high-volume apps.

Notably, the iPhone 15 Pro is the first smartphone to incorporate the cutting-edge 3nm chip technology from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, a key supplier to Apple, Nvidia, and various other tech giants.

The most significant change, though, lies in the discontinuation of Apple's Lightning connector in favor of a USB-C port, driven by new EU regulations mandating a universal charger connector across iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

[With information sourced from FT]

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