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Paphos girl hit by car on sidewalk

High school student struck by car after man drove onto pavement to avoid collision


A high school student in Paphos was rushed to the Emergency Room after she was struck by a car that drove onto the sidewalk.

According to police, a 21-year-old male was driving his vehicle on Evagora Pallikaridi Avenue on Friday afternoon, around 2:40pm, when suddenly he realised that a car in front of him had stopped.

The man said he drove onto the sidewalk to avoid collision with a car that came to a stop in front of him

In a split second, the driver made a swerving maneuver to the left and drove onto the pavement, striking a 16-year-old girl who was walking along the sidewalk.

The high school student was rushed to the ER at Paphos General Hospital, where doctors on duty said she had leg fractures on the her tibia and fibula.

The girl remained in hospital for further treatment, while an initial Breathalyzer test was administered on the driver showing zero alcohol.

The driver said he drove onto the sidewalk to avoid a collision with the vehicle in front of him.

A district court judge rejected a request for an arrest warrant against the driver, according to reports, while police are expected to press charges against the 21-year-old.

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