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Paphos links in foiled Limassol heist

Cops track down escape vehicle, injured security guard doing fine in cash-in-transit attempted robbery


Police are extending their investigations to Paphos following the cash-in-transit attempted robbery, with the security guard who was injured reportedly doing fine.

(Click here for video footage of foiled heist)

On Monday, late morning, a G4S cash delivery van was targeted by two would-be robbers outside Super Home shopping centre in Mesa Yitonia, Limassol.

The 53-year-old security guard managed to secure the money in the cash-in-transit van but got injured during the attack

The perpetrators fled the scene after being met with resistance from the 53-year-old security guard, who managed to secure the money in his van but got injured during the attack. He was assaulted with a metal rod by one of the suspects while the other fired two shots in the air.

Police were able to locate the escape vehicle, a red Pajero, which was in flames in an open space by the side of a road in Limassol, just north of the crime scene.

The Pajero was registered under the name of a Chinese national, a permanent resident of Cyprus who was reportedly abroad. His car had disappeared from its parking spot about three days earlier, according to witness reports.

The security guard was taken to the Emergency Room at Limassol General Hospital where he was treated for bone fractures in the upper body and later released.

Limassol CID is investigating the case.

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