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Cash-in-transit heist foiled in Limassol

Two wanted in cash delivery attempted robbery outside a Limassol DIY shop


Two hooded men attempted to rob a cash-in-transit van in broad daylight in Limassol, while shots were fired to scare the private security guards.

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'I was ready to run outside and help. I had just bought an axe but when I saw the gun, I backed down'

According to media reports, a G4S cash delivery van was targeted by two would-be robbers outside Super Home shopping centre in Mesa Yitonia, Limassol, around 11:45am on Monday.

The hooded suspects were waiting outside the store while a cash-in-transit job was in process inside. As the security guard with the bag of cash was exiting the store, a suspicious SUV described as a red Pajero pulled up next to him.

One of the suspects, wielding a metal baseball bat, got off and attacked the guard, injuring him and causing him to lose his protective helmet. The security guard fell to the ground but did not let go of his cash, according to media reports.

The other suspect, who was armed, reportedly fired two shots in the air to scare the guards.


An eye witness told reporters that he initially intended to run out and help the security guards as soon as he got wind of the plot. But the eager customer quickly changed plans when he saw one of the robbers brandishing a gun.

“I was at the cash register when I saw a Pajero moving towards the cash-in-transit vehicle, with the front seat passenger getting out and firing two shots in the air,” he said.

“I was ready to run outside and help. I had just bought an axe but when I saw the gun, I backed down. People inside the store were scared while the shooting was going on,” he added.

Police arrived at the scene and CID Limassol are investigating the case.

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