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Paphos mayor docks pay on laid-back workers

Trade unions write letter to the city seeking answers regarding docked pay of over a dozen workers


Paphos Mayor Phedonas Phedonos has given orders to dock pay for municipal workers who show up late or show indolence in their work.

According to daily Politis, a number of trade unions have sent a formal letter to the mayor and administration officials, looking for answers as to why a total of 15 workers had pay docked from their salaries recently. 

The mayor gave written orders to the city accountant to dock pay for hours missed from work, for both labourers and supervisors, according to the report which cited the letter.

'It begs the question, why do some state employees in the public sector fall ill for much longer compared to those who work in the private sector' the mayor said

Knews understands the issue came up following a number of incidents where the mayor got wind of a number of workers not showing up to work on time or taking unauthorised long breaks.

Last week, Phedonos raised the alarm over what he described as “fake” doctor's notes, saying it was a known secret that physicians in both public and private practices would write medical notes so that state employees can legally get off work without penalty.

“Which begs the question,” said the mayor, wondering “why do some state employees in the public sector fall ill for quite a lengthier period of time compared to those who work in the private sector.”

The 15 workers who had their pay docked recently were reportedly assigned to landscaping and janitorial staff, including water meter monitors.

The city’s formal position on docking pay, according to media reports, involves workers who sit out during normal work or remain laid back as they execute their duties in a sluggish way.

The mayor, known for being a whistleblower, has also challenged a number of other issues in connection with corruption of state and city officials, police, as well as politicians, while he has been a target of a car bomb last year.






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