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Paphos mayor says police building bogus case against him

Phedonas alleges cops are looking for testimony to bring public insult charges against him


Paphos Mayor Phedonas Phedonos has received no response from police following his social media comment that cops are scrambling to build a public insult case against him.

Phedonos, who is known for turning up the pressure on authorities, has been speaking publicly against organised crime and leveling allegations against police for not doing enough to stop crime and illegal drugs in his town.

In a social media post on Monday, the mayor made it known that he was aware of what he described as police efforts to secure testimony against to build a case against him.

“They are looking around and putting pressure over there at Police Headquarters, trying to find testimony against me to say that I insulted the suspects in the case of the bombing of my mother’s car,” Phedonos said.

The mayor had been chatting with the main suspect's friends at the hospital and was heard saying 'stop dealing drugs'

It was not immediately clear how the mayor got the information but he is known for having reliable sources. Public comments he has made over the years led to arrests and court sentences of public figures involved in scandals in his town and elsewhere. 

“Careful, some people will be left exposed,” he added.

Police recently arrested three young suspects in connection with a car bombing, with the vehicle belonging to the mayor’s mother.

The main suspect, a 26-year-old who is suspected of placing the bomb during Christmas holidays in 2017, remains in custody until his trial while the two other, who are brothers aged 20 and 30, were released on bail.

Phedonos was following the case closely, including watching the remand hearing of the suspects which took place at the Paphos General Hospital. One of the suspects was reportedly injured during a police chase before his apprehension.

The mayor, according to daily Politis, had been chatting with the main suspect’s mother and other people in the 26-year-old’s social circle.

Phedonos at one moment was heard telling friends of the suspects to “stop dealing drugs in Paphos and killing people” according to the media report.

Police have not responded to the Paphos mayor’s latest allegations.

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