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Paphos police haul in 46,568 euros in warrant sweep

246 warrants executed, 46,568 euros recovered


In a strategic move aimed at tackling pending warrants, the Paphos Police have successfully collected a sum of 46,568 euros over the last two days.

Paphos Assistant Police Operations Director Michael Nicolaou provided insights to CYPE, detailing the coordinated efforts that unfolded on December 4 and 5 within the Paphos district.

Nicolaou emphasized the significance of the operation, shedding light on the collaborative nature involving the Pafos Warrant Collection Unit and personnel from various stations.

A total of 246 warrants were executed during this time frame, reflecting a comprehensive approach to addressing legal matters and enhancing community safety.

The meticulous planning and execution of this operation underscore the commitment of law enforcement to maintaining order and swiftly resolving outstanding legal issues.

Nicolaou expressed satisfaction with the successful outcomes, reinforcing the department's dedication to upholding justice within the Paphos district.

This recent endeavor not only signifies a financial milestone but also exemplifies the proactive measures taken by the Paphos Police in safeguarding the well-being of the community.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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