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Paphos delegation thrives in Seville, European Smart Tourism Capital 2023

Paphos executives meet Seville's smart city visionaries


Nassos Hadjigeorgiou, Executive Director of the Pafos Region Tourism Development and Promotion Company, and Dr. Zenon Zignonos, Smart City Projects Manager of the Municipality of Pafos, engaged in a highly successful transition to Seville, the designated European Smart Tourism Capital for 2023.

The executives participated in a series of pivotal meetings with Sevilla City Office, focusing on smart initiatives and sustainable development, alongside interactions with technology firms and academic institutions.

During these engagements, the delegation gained insights into cutting-edge practices, including mechanisms for data collection and processing, sustainability monitoring, and strategies for attracting mega events.

The announcement underscored the significance of learning from Sevilla's advancements, emphasizing areas where Cyprus can bridge existing gaps, such as the promotion of gastronomy.

Discussions also delved into shared challenges faced by both destinations, including resource allocation, disseminating best practices, and navigating potential hurdles in citizen and business acceptance of innovations. Colleagues from Spain expressed satisfaction with Paphos's ongoing actions, seeking further details and expertise.

As part of the visit, an online meeting with MEP Mr. István Ujhelyi, the initiator of the Smart Tourism Capital institution, provided a platform for exchanging views.

The delegation witnessed key intervention points and participated in the launch of an inclusive cultural route.

Concluding the meetings, both sides committed to sustaining their collaboration.

Plans include continued networking in the coming years, joint applications for European funding programs, involvement of universities and institutions from both regions, and the establishment of an annual meeting with other European Capitals of Smart Tourism.

[With information sourced from Pafos Press]

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