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Parents of kids in Limassol fire face charges

Child neglect charges filed against parents whose home alone kids were rescued from their burning house


The parents of two children, who were rescued from of a burning house in Limassol three weeks ago, will face multiple charges including child neglect.

According to local reports, the father and mother of a 12-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy, who were home alone when a fire broke out in their living room, are expected to appear on Monday before a Limassol District Court judge.

The parents, described as Syrian and Polish nationals, were arrested by police following a house fire on January 7 in the Agios Ioannis area, Limassol, where their children were rescued by neighbours and passersby.

The children remain in foster care while the parents are seeking the court’s assistance to have legal representation

Officials said most likely the little boy had started the fire without ruling out the possibility that the child could have been playing with a lighter. The girl was said to have been sleeping at the time.

A neighbour who realised there was a fire starting in the house quickly took action, running to the middle of the road and stopping a passing car for help.

The lady and the driver of the car reportedly raced to save the two children, as fire fighters were arriving at the scene. Neighbours had to break windows to gain entry, according to reports, while the kids were said to be in good health.

The parents, who were later released, are facing charges based on child protection laws, under Article 54 regarding child abuse and mistreatment. According to the law, parents or guardians of children under the age of 16 can be sentenced to one year if they are found to be guilty of physically harming, abusing, neglecting, or endangering minors.

The children remain in foster care while the parents are seeking the court’s assistance in having legal representation. In addition to a possible prison sentence, the maximum fine for breaking child protection laws is set at €1708 in this case.

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