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Parliamentary debate stirs as Cyprus considers abortion statistics

MPs engage in fierce debate on abortion figures


In a recent parliamentary development, the decision to register a subject entitled "abortion statistics from the date of decriminalization and correlation with the demographic problem" in the Parliamentary Committee for the study of the demographic has sparked intense controversy. This decision, prompted by flax Papagianni, Pavlos Mylonas, Zacharias Koulia, and Alekos Tryfonidis, elicited strong reactions among Members of Parliament (MPs).

On the "X" platform, Irene Charalambidou, AKEL MP and Chairman of the Committee on Human Rights and equal opportunities between men and women, expressed her concerns. She wrote, "A subject written by male colleagues in the committee on demographics. I cannot understand the logic of this debate and what it is aiming for. Mercy."

Mrs. Charalambidou described the event as unacceptable and referred to it as extreme conservatism in her statements to "K". In response to the comments made by DIKO MP, Pavlos Mylonas, about the conditions under which abortions are performed and reports of abortions taking place in inappropriate locations, Ms. Charalambidou suggested that if there is evidence, Mr. Mylonas should present it before the Health Committee.

Pavlos Mylonas, in his defense, highlighted the humanitarian aspect of the issue, linking it to demographics. He emphasized the need for state financial support for young couples to prevent abortions when they do not wish to proceed with them. Regarding Mrs. Charalambidou's reports, Mr. Mylonas remarked, "In circuses, they become big shows to attract people. I don't want to participate." Nonetheless, this matter sparked reactions from other MPs, with Alexandra Attalidou commenting, "We will stand against targeting and undermining the rights of women we won with struggles. All against the far-right agenda."

On social media, the President of DIKO, Nikolas Papadopoulos, pointed out, "Abortion has been legal in Cyprus since 1974. What is worse is that there is no such evidence that can be presented because the Cypriot state refuses to keep these figures."

Following the intervention of AKEL MP George Loukidis and Irene Charalambidou with the General Director of the Parliament, the Speaker of the Parliament, Annita Dimitriou, decided to remove this issue from the agenda of the ad hoc Committee on Demography.

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