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Patients flood A&E department as fears spike over A/C use

The heatwave is severely affecting the health of vulnerable groups, particularly those who fear switching on air-conditioners as fears spike over their role in spreading coronavirus


Visitation spiked at the Paphos General Hospital A&E department on Monday as the heatwave, coupled with acute fears over coronavirus spreading through air conditioners, left many people falling under vulnerable groups severely affected by the abrupt rise in temperatures.

By 6.30pm on Monday, 35 patients had visited the Paphos General ICU, the majority of which were elderly people who suffered from dehydration, weakness, and a slight rise in body temperature.

The flood of patients meant some had to be referred to private hospitals for treatment.

Many told hospital staff they feared switching on the A/C due to increasing whispers over the role of the appliances in spreading the virus.

The management of the Paphos General called on vulnerable groups and the elderly to use air-conditioners, in the appropriate way as suggested by experts, in order to avoid heatstroke.

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