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Police carry out overnight sweep in Limassol

Cops search places and arrest suspects in a large-scale sweep against organised crime


A new large-scale sweep operation took place Wednesday night in Limassol district, with over 100 police officers conducting multiple searches and making arrests as part of an ongoing effort to combat organised crime.

According to police sources, searches were conducted in 15 residences and commercial buildings while twelve individuals were detained.

Some of the searches were conducted in the club houses of local sports teams Apollon and AEL, where cops discovered small quantities of cannabis. Similar operations took place in Nicosia last month, were cops discovered drugs, baseball bats, and fire crackers at APOEL club house.

Six individuals were arrested, including two females who were suspected of illegal entry into the Republic of Cyprus.

In a house in Kato Polemidia, police found an air gun and an archery bow that belonged to the resident. He was arrested for not having proper licences for the weapons.

Police have been mounting new efforts to combat criminal activity and organised crime, following public criticism that cops were not doing enough proactively.

The new campaign also comes after a shooting incident that left one cop seriously injured and the shooter, a known local drug lord now in custody, cooperating with police.

Police say they want to put a squeeze on organised crime by putting pressure on known criminals and other criminal elements in what appears to be a sweep operation for the long haul.

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