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Police chief calls out enemies of state

Chief of Police in Cyprus calls on public to renew interest in tackling delinquency


Cypriot Police Chief Stelios Papatheodorou has condemned a Molotov Cocktail attack on a police station in Limassol this week, equating the perpetrators to enemies of state.

“Anyone who dares throw a banger of Molotov at a police station is attacking the authorities and the State,” Papatheodorou said on Wednesday.

The Chief, who was attending the inauguration of a new station in the southern town, was responding to an incident that took place in Polemidia when a gasoline bomb was thrown at the local station.

'Anyone who dares throw a banger of Molotov at a police station is attacking the authorities and the State,' Papatheodorou said

“We are certainly getting busy over this,” Papatheodorou said, adding that no damage was recorded and he further hoped that those who perpetrated the attack who be caught.

Papatheodorou also addressed another incident, also in Limassol district, where a young boy was injured after a peer threw a lit firecracker at the child while a group of boys was hanging out at a school yard afterhours.

The chief called on parents, schools, and other stakeholders “to renew their interest in tackling this matter.”

Earlier this month, towns across the Republic of Cyprus were overrun with anarchists, when street fires and loud explosions dominated urban areas late into the night on Holy Saturday amid pandemic lockdowns and midnight mass.


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