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Police Investigate reports of a man following women in Strovolos park

Social media buzz over Grammiko Parko stalking incident


A recent flurry of social media posts has stirred controversy, with reports of an individual allegedly pursuing women in the Strovolos area, notably within Grammiko Park.

As per the posts, an unidentified individual reportedly approached a woman, engaging in what appeared to be stalking behavior. Fortunately, the targeted individual, described as a runner, managed to evade the situation and find refuge in her vehicle.

The description provided for the unidentified man is that of a stocky individual, aged between 30 to 40, clean-shaven, and reportedly wearing a hat.

Despite the widespread sharing of these social media posts, it's worth noting that the local police have issued an official statement stating that no formal incident report has been filed regarding the alleged encounter.

[Information from 24news]

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