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Police block access to troubled Ayios Nikolaos complex

Migrants relocated amidst government policy shift


Ayios Nikolaos apartment complex in Chlorakas has been officially sealed off, marking a significant turn of events for the site that formerly served as housing for migrants.

The relocation of hundreds of migrants from the complex was completed at the end of last week, in alignment with the government's migrant policy, spearheaded by the administration of Nikos Christodoulides.

To prevent any potential reoccupation of the complex by migrants, authorities have taken measures to block access to the Ayios Nikolaos apartment complex, deploying a substantial police presence. Consequently, former residents now face the responsibility of securing alternative housing arrangements.

Local authorities in Paphos are now shifting their focus towards the western part of the coastal city, as they investigate the possibility of many formerly undocumented residents of Chlorakas relocating there. Their primary objective is to preempt the emergence of a situation reminiscent of the issues that previously plagued Chlorakas village.

Recent observations indicate a notable surge in the number of foreign occupants within the Ayios Nikolaos apartment complex, with an estimated total population of approximately 500 individuals. This diverse demographic includes 250 individuals of African origin and an equal number of Syrians, some of whom possess special protection status.

The Ayios Nikolaos apartment complex has grappled with an array of challenges in recent times, including internal conflicts among residents, incidents necessitating police intervention, and instances of electricity theft.

Simultaneously, the frustrations of local residents within the community have become palpable, with many openly expressing their concerns and dissatisfaction with the ongoing situation. As the government endeavors to address these complex issues and rigorously enforce its migrant policy, the future of the Ayios Nikolaos apartment complex remains uncertain, leaving both residents and authorities with much to contemplate.

[With information sourced from Philenews]

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