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Police prepping for intense checks over weekend

The force will be boosting its numbers by bringing in officers from departments of districts islandwide to make sure food and drink spots follow Covid-19 rules


Police will be conducting targeted and intensive inspections over the weekend to check whether food and drink businesses are adhering to health and safety protocols, the force’s spokesperson Christos Andreou said Friday.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency, Andreou said that at a meeting held at the police headquarters in Nicosia on Friday, police leadership issued instructions for checks to be stepped up to ensure that coronavirus decrees in force are being followed, but also in view of general crime prevention.

For these inspections, he said, additional officers will be drawn in district police departments and from several services and departments, while officials of relevant services will also boost police checks.

Christou stressed that in line with the Health Ministry’s latest guidelines, “regardless of the square meters of each premise, the maximum number of people that can be served cannot exceed 75 people indoors and 150 outdoors.”

He added that the social distancing rule for each person of 3 square meters distance indoors and 2 square metres outdoors continues to apply for restaurants, hotels, tourist accommodations, cafes, bars, canteens.

Additionally, the 10 people per table rule continues to apply, Christou said, while all customers must only be served seated at tables.

As such, Christou went on, the public should avoid crowding between tables.

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