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Police report 56 coronavirus violations, Paphos bar gets shut down

A total of 13 businesses and 43 people were fined or charged for not abiding by health and safety measures, while a Paphos bar that was already fined three times was forced to shut its doors


Islandwide police inspections for compliance to coronavirus health and safety measures over the past 24 hours led to 56 reports against 13 businesses and 43 individuals, while a Paphos business was shut down by a Cyprus court for repeated violations.

According to the police, the Paphos district court ordered a Paphos bar to temporarily seize operations after police had already fined it three times for violating health and safety measured by government decrees.

Additionally, over the past 24 hours, a total of 927 police checks across Cyprus found 13 premises and 43 people in violation of coronavirus protection measures.

According to the police press office, out of 120 checks in the Nicosia district, five premises and 15 people were reported for violations, while 318 inspections in Limassol found two businesses and 17 people in violation of coronavirus decrees.

A sum of 200 checks in the Larnaca district detected five people violating health and safety measures, while 47 checks in Paphos led to five businesses and four people booked.

In Famagusta, police reported one business and one person.

In the Larnaca and Paphos airports a total of nine passengers were reported for not wearing a face mask and for not having the necessary Cyprus Flight Pass document that must be filled in to be allowed to fly into the island from abroad.

Police recently vowed to step up checks islandwide in view of stomping out non-compliance to coronavirus protection measures, that got stricter over the past few days that have seen a renewed flare-up of the island’s pandemic, with the government introducing a mandatory mask-use policy in indoor spaces and re-instating a 10-person cap on Limassol gatherings.

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