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Politico: Cyprus is the solution, not the problem

Island's strategic role highlighted amid Middle East tensions and global stability efforts


Despite its long-standing division, Cyprus is emerging as a crucial player in the Middle East, offering a stable platform for political, economic, humanitarian, and military operations, according to an article published today in Politico by Ivo Daalder.

Cypriot President Nikos Christodoulides believes the island's strategic value is being underestimated. He argues that Cyprus should be seen as a solution rather than a problem, especially given its potential for military and humanitarian aid coordination at Europe’s intersection with the Middle East. This perspective gained traction after the October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel, which highlighted Cyprus as a critical evacuation and humanitarian hub.

Cyprus has opened a humanitarian corridor for Gaza, coordinating with the U.S. and French military to deliver aid, bypassing traditional routes through Egypt and Israel. This move underscores Cyprus's growing role in regional stability and humanitarian efforts.

Beyond humanitarian aid, Cyprus is also enhancing its economic stability and distancing itself from its previously cozy relationship with Russia. The island nation is reforming its banking system and collaborating with U.S. authorities to combat money laundering.

The U.S. is recognizing Cyprus's strategic importance, increasing military cooperation, and potentially establishing a deeper security partnership. This partnership could strengthen ties between the U.S., EU, and NATO and counter the influence of Russia and China in the eastern Mediterranean.

In summary, Cyprus's strategic location and growing stability make it a pivotal player in regional politics and a valuable partner for the U.S. in addressing Middle Eastern conflicts and broader geopolitical challenges.

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