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Possible easing of covid measures next week

Health Minister scheduled to discuss further relaxations with Scientific Advisory Committee on Monday

Source: CNA

Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela will meet with the scientific committee on COVID Monday to discuss the situation regarding the possibility of the relaxation of measures.

The Minister who made statements to the press Thursday was asked if the obligation for a 24-hour test for the unvaccinated will change and if new conditions will be put into effect for vaccinated citizens. He said that these issues are being discussed and some time is needed for announcements to be made. He said that he listened to the views of the owners of nightclubs and other establishments and that he will meet Monday with the scientific committee to discuss the situation.

Asked if relaxations will be announced for those who are getting treatment in hospitals or other closed units, the Minister said that this has not been discussed as the specialists want to protect patients from getting infected. But he went on to say that he will discuss it with the committee and if protocol needs to be changed, they will change it. He also said that he will exchange views with the committee regarding the possibility of easing measures for hospital visits.

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