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President Christodoulides affirms commitment to US relations

US navy's sixth fleet in Cyprus

Source: CNA

President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulides has said there is political will from both Cyprus and the US to further strengthen their relations.

He was speaking during his visit on Sunday to the Mount Whitney ship of the US Navy’s Sixth Fleet which has docked at Larnaca Port. The President was accompanied by the US Ambassador to Cyprus, Julie Fisher.

In remarks to journalists, President Christodoulides said that his presence there and the presence of the Americans in Cyprus "demonstrates the fact that our relations are as high as they have ever been”.

He added that there is political will on the part of both Governments to further strengthen their defence, security, political and economic relations, "and we have a roadmap of developments that we want to see in the immediate future, developments in the direction of strengthening our bilateral relations".

Secondly, he added, his presence there "demonstrates the role we are trying to play, particularly in the current phase of the tragic war in Israel - we see every day what is unfolding - including through our efforts to create a sea corridor to send humanitarian aid to Gaza". There is already humanitarian aid in Cyprus, he added.

The Cypriot President said a technical team from the Republic of Cyprus is already in Israel where they are looking at some details, while a visit from Israel and some European states will also take place this week.

On the political level, he said that he would travel on Tuesday "to Egypt and then to Jordan to go over all these details so that humanitarian aid can be sent to Gaza as soon as possible".

"Our role here is that of a pillar country of stability, security and we hope that this situation we are seeing will soon come to an end," he added.

President Christodoulides said "it is tragic what we see every day", adding that as the Republic of Cyprus, the EU member state neighbouring the region, "with excellent relations with the US, but also with all the neighbouring states, we should help - always to the extent possible, I want to repeat this constantly - on the issues we can, in particular in matters of a humanitarian nature".

On her part, the US Ambassador referred to the incredible cooperation between the teams in the two countries who are working so hard to bring security and stability, particularly to the citizens of this region. “This is very important for us," she added, expressing great satisfaction with the President's visit to the US Navy ship.

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