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President Christodoulides reviews progress on government actions

Secretariat in presidency ensures monitoring of cabinet actions

Newsroom / CNA

The Cabinet reviewed the progress of the 88 actions the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides, had announced at the beginning of 2024, on Monday afternoon.

"On January 29, we launched the annual State of the Union, which aimed to provide transparent and timely information to society on what the government is planning for 2024 and what is on track for implementation", the President said, addressing the Ministers at the opening of the meeting.

He noted that there are very specific priorities and reforms to take place, with the big goal being to improve the daily life of citizens.

An important element of the implementation of the programme is the continuous monitoring of the actions and decisions of the Cabinet, the President said, noting that this was one of the main reasons why the Secretariat was established in the Presidency.

"I met with each one of you individually, but because most of the actions are horizontal, I thought it was important to have this session today so that we can see where each of the 88 actions I announced on January 29 is, to see which ones have been implemented, which ones are for legislative review, which ones have been sent to the legislature and so we can move on to the next steps", President Christodoulides added.

The President announced that next week the Deputy Minister to the President, Irene Piki, will present the online platform ("diakivernisi" meaning governance), where every Cypriot citizen will be able to be informed at any time about everything that has been implemented so far and where the actions that are in the process of implementation are, in the context of accountability.

"Today, we will review the actions of each Ministry and see how what we have promised to the people on January 29, and more that emerge through interventions or issues that arise, because issues arise all the time, so that we can tell the people at the end of the year that we have delivered," he concluded.


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