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President promises air conditioning for all schools in three years

Education takes center stage as President promises improved learning environments


In a visit to Acropolis High School to mark the beginning of the new school year, President Nicos Christodoulides pledged that within the next three years, air conditioning would be installed in all school facilities.

Addressing the press following his visit, President Christodoulides emphasized the government's commitment to education and health as top priorities. He stated, "Education and Health are the key priorities of our administration, especially education, which has a broad impact on all government initiatives."

The President acknowledged the importance of dialogue with students and highlighted the recurring issue of inadequate air conditioning in schools. He announced that the Minister of Education would soon present data regarding the urgent need for air conditioning in schools.

President Christodoulides acknowledged the students' concerns, stating, "They're right; we have to acknowledge that. Our goal, as I mentioned, as is the promise that I made, is in the next three years to get this issue done."

When asked about the purpose of education, the President stressed that education should not merely focus on covering the curriculum but should also aim to develop students' skills and abilities, empowering them to make informed decisions about their future.




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