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Puppy dies in Limassol house fire

Homeowner suffers burns while trying to put out fire caused by portable kerosene heater


Another house fire has been attributed to a portable heater, with a Limassol homeowner suffering burns while the family dog perished.

The fire department received an emergency call on Sunday morning, at 10:46am, with two fire trucks immediately rushing to the scene and putting out the fire at 11:16am.

According to Cyprus News Agency (CNA), the fire broke out at a residence in Limassol’s Laiki Lefkothea area, while the home owner was inside with his children.

The fire was caused by a portable heater emanating heat into a kerosene storage can that was nearby

Fire fighters said there were extensive damages in the kitchen area as well as other kinds of damages on household appliances due to heat and smoke.

The homeowner, who suffered burns over his hands and feet in an attempt to contain the fire, was treated by fire fighters until the ambulance arrived to take him to the Emergency Room.

The children were reportedly not injured in the fire, while the fmaily dog was later found dead inside the house.

Preliminary reports said the fire was caused by a portable kerosene heater that was emanating heat into a kerosene storage can which was left within a very short distance.

A similar incident took place in Paphos last week, when an eldery woman burned to death trying to escape fire caused by a portable kerosene heater left next to her bed.

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