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Rainy days and snowy peaks ahead

Cyprus prepares for rain and snow symphony


A low-pressure system is brewing southwest of our island and is in no hurry to leave. It's going to stick around until Thursday, so grab your umbrellas and jackets!

Today's weather? Well, expect a mix of clouds and sun, with scattered showers or even a rumble of thunder, especially along the coast. As the day rolls on, we'll see more of those local showers and maybe some thunderstorms popping up.

Oh, and don't be surprised if you spot some snowflakes up in the mountains. Winds will be mostly chill, blowing from the northeast to southeast, not too strong, just enough to ruffle your hair.

And hey, the sea will be pretty calm, except for a bit of choppiness in the west and south.

Tonight, it's gonna be kinda similar—clouds, showers, and the occasional thunderclap, especially near the shores. Keep an eye out, particularly along the southeastern coast, where things might get a bit wild. And yup, snow's still on the menu up in the hills.

Winds will keep doing their thing, not too fierce, but they might pick up a bit along the northern coast. As for temps, it'll be on the chilly side, especially up high where frost might make an appearance.

Now, let's talk about Tuesday and Wednesday. Looks like it's gonna be a bit of a mixed bag—more rain, some thunder, and yep, snow up in the mountains. Things could get pretty intense in some spots, so keep your umbrellas handy.

But wait, there's good news for Thursday! While we might still see a few showers, thunderstorms, and snowflakes up top, the weather's set to improve big time by the evening. So, hang in there!

As for temperatures, don't expect any major shifts until Thursday rolls around, but hey, it'll get a tad warmer by then.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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