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Report says driver burned to death in Tersefanou crash

Autopsy report says death of Elena Kyriacou was caused by charring as a result of a fiery crash


An official autopsy report following Sunday’s fiery car crash in Larnaca has shown that the trapped driver had burned to death after she was unable to exit the vehicle.

According to local media, a forensic report on the death of Elena Kyriacou, who was killed Sunday after her car missed a stop sign, crashed into a tree, and burst into flames, was caused by tissue cell death or charring.

“The death was caused by charring as a result of a traffic accident,” the report said.

Kyriacou, a 32-year-old mother of one, had left a birthday party which was held Saturday night at the restaurant of the shooting range in Tersefanou. Reports said she left her 8-year-old boy at her family’s restaurant before getting behind the wheel minutes after midnight.

Traffic police have not ruled officially on the manner of death as an investigation into the incident was still pending this week.

But reports said Kyriacou was driving along the Tersefanou-Klavdia road around 12:15am when she appeared to have lost control of the steering wheel at a stop sign, crashed into a tree straight across, with her car bursting into flames moments later.

There were no reports on the extent of any injuries following the collision, but local media have speculated that Kyriakou was unable to exit the vehicle while her body was burned beyond recognition.

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