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Rising prostate cancer cases in Cyprus sound alarm bells for men's health

Concerns grow as new data reveals surge in diagnoses, highlighting urgent need for prevention and early detection

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New data reveals a concerning increase in prostate cancer cases in Cyprus, with 656 cases detected in 2020, compared to 550 in 2019. Prostate cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer among European men, accounting for roughly 25% of all new male cancer cases in the continent. In 2020, Europe recorded 107,000 prostate cancer-related deaths, along with 450,000 new diagnoses.

These figures were disclosed during a press conference, held under the auspices of the Minister of Health, in commemoration of European Prostate Cancer Awareness Day. Speakers at the event stressed the importance of prevention, exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Addressing the gathering, Health Minister Popi Kanari emphasized the significance of early detection and population-wide screening for males over 50 and those over 40 with a family history of the disease. Prostate cancer often develops slowly and may remain asymptomatic. The Ministry is collaborating with scientific companies to formulate effective policies and supports the scientific community's efforts. Kanari also mentioned the existing prostate cancer screening program.

Dr. Dimitrios Bombas, Director of the Radiotherapeutic Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Clinic of the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Department, discussed advancements in early diagnosis methods, including the PSA blood test and urological assessment, which have contributed to declining mortality rates in many European countries. He also emphasized the importance of proper diet, exercise, and prompt medical attention when symptoms arise.

Panos Ergatoudes, Director General of the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Center, highlighted medical science's positive strides in prevention and early diagnosis, reaffirming the center's commitment to supporting patients and their families. Maintaining open communication with society and encouraging patients to share their experiences were also noted as essential.

Andreas Moyseos, President of Europa Uomo, stressed the need for equitable access to advanced medications, controlled use of crucial treatment components, measurable outcomes, and centers of excellence for all major cancer types, as advocated by patients.

In addition to the conference, Maria Christou, a postgraduate student at Open University, presented her ongoing research on prostate cancer. The major sponsor, BD Swiss, reiterated its commitment to corporate social responsibility in supporting Europa Uomo and its initiatives.

The awareness campaign includes the 3rd blue cycling route scheduled for October 8 in Limassol, along with biking rides from November 3 to 5 in 31 of the 41 communities in the Pitsilia region. These events aim to raise awareness and provide financial support to Europa Uomo's endeavors.

Commemorative plaques were presented to the Minister of Health, the Director of the Oncology Center, a representative of the German Oncology Society, and the major sponsor BD Swiss during the conference.

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