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Overcrowding woes continue at Athalassa Hospital as mental health patients pay the price

PASYKI's urgent plea highlights systemic failures


In an urgent plea, PASYKI has called for immediate intervention to resolve the dire overcrowding issue at Athalassa Hospital, terming it a "hostage situation" for mentally ill patients.

The statement highlighted the daily struggle faced by medical staff in finding available beds due to the hospital's severe overcrowding. In recent days, the only beds available have been in the COVID clinic, where virus-positive patients, alongside recently cleared COVID cases awaiting transfer, are being treated.

PASYKI emphasized that this overcrowding has become a daily occurrence, significantly hampering access to the hospital for individuals experiencing urgent mental health crises. They also noted that the hospital prioritizes inpatient orders, often leaving no beds available for elective admissions.

Furthermore, the lack of immediate accommodation options upon discharge exacerbates the situation. Patients often have nowhere to go, as relatives, residential homes, and social services struggle to provide immediate assistance. The absence of social workers at the hospital in recent years has further hindered the possibility of social rehabilitation.

The organization asserted that reduced accessibility, congestion, and the utilization of auxiliary exile beds infringe upon patients' rights to quality care. It also leads to unnecessary prolonged stays in psychiatric hospitals. PASYCI's statement serves as a call to action for the concerned departments to urgently address these issues and alleviate the plight of mentally ill patients at Athalassa Hospital.

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