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Rudolf arrested in the north

Balazov Miroslav, a known associate of Sifis, set to appear before a Turkish Cypriot judge


Police in the north arrested Balazov Miroslav, known as Rudolf, who is also wanted in the south in connection with a drive-by shooting in late November.

According to Turkish Cypriot media, Miroslav, a 39-year-old Slovakian national who also went by the name Dydi Rudolf, was arrested in an apartment serving as his hideout in Kyrenia.

Rudolf is wanted by police in the Republic of Cyprus in connection with a drive-by shooting on November 26, when two suspects shot at the vehicle of 57-year-old Nicosia businessman Nikos Rodhotheou.

A second suspect in the case, 40-year-old Greek Cypriot Josef “Sifis” Josef, was arrested two weeks ago in Famagusta, also in the north and was remanded in custody on charges of illegal entry and weapons possession.

Both men had European arrest warrants issued against them by the Republic of Cyprus in connection with the shooting, while Sifis was also wanted for drug related offences.

In both arrests, reports said cops were tipped off about the men’s locations but it was unclear whether the information came from the north or south.

Three other suspects are also in Turkish Cypriot police custody on charges related to helping Sifis cross into the north using a fake ID.

Rodhotheou, the younger brother of Andreas Rodhotheou who was gunned down in a secluded safe house in Limassol last April, was not injured during the incident in Nicosia.

Sifis, who holds a top position in Nicosia’s Apoel football club, has drawn criticism from some fans and politicians, some of whom called on the team to ban him citing the fact that he had not contacted authorities from the beginning to clear his name.

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