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Sifis booked into jail in the north

Turkish Cypriot court orders top wanted Greek Cypriot in remanded custody for seven days


One of Cyprus’ top wanted, 40-year-old Greek Cypriot Josef “Sifis” Josef, has been remanded in custody for seven days by a Turkish Cypriot judge.

Sifis, who was arrested on Wednesday by Turkish Cypriot police in Famagusta, was initially remanded for one day and later remanded for seven days on charges of illegal entry and weapons possession.

Police found two pistols and some 100 rounds of ammunition during his arrest at a rental property in the Famagusta area in the north.

Media reports say Sifis used a fake ID under the name “Nicos Nicolaou” while it was unclear whether he passed inspection at a checkpoint or entered north elsewhere

Two Turkish Cypriots have also been detained in connection with the case, Cengiz Yakupogullari and Huseyin Ibrahim who are believed to have helped Sifis cross from the Republic of Cyprus in the south into the northern part.

Media reports say Sifis used a fake ID uner the name “Nicos Nicolaou” while it remained unclear whether he passed inspection at a checkpoint or entered the north by other means.

Sifis is wanted in the south for questioning in connection with two cases, a drive-by shooting incident in Nicosia and a drug deal gone bust.

He was implicated by other suspects when he was named as the person making phone calls and giving orders on drug deals.

Sifis, who assumed a top position in Nicosia’s Apoel football club, drew criticism from some fans and politicians who called on the team to ban him, citing the fact that he had not contacted authorities to clear his name from the very beginning.

It is not clear whether the Greek Cypriot suspect will be handed over to officials in the south, while some reports have not ruled out the possibility.

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