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Russians in occupied Cyprus to vote in Russian Presidential Elections

Three-day voting marathon begins in occupied Nicosia


According to the Turkish Cypriot website, Kibris Postasi, voting for the Russian presidential elections has commenced in the occupied territories. The voting process for Russian citizens residing abroad began yesterday and will continue until March 17.

The report highlights that Russian citizens living in the occupied areas can cast their votes at a polling station set up in the occupied Nicosia, where "consular procedures" are conducted.

Approximately 50,000 Russian citizens reside in the occupied territories, as per information from the Cyprus Postasi. The voting process, which started yesterday, spans three days and concludes tomorrow.

This marks the first instance where citizens of another country, besides Turkey, can vote in the occupied territories.

Commenting on the news, RTK President Tufan Erhurman questioned the government on whether these 50,000 individuals should be included in the population count. Erhurman emphasized the importance of acknowledging this news amid the ongoing "chaos."

Regarding the reported number of Russians living in the occupied territories, Erhurman stated, "It has not been confirmed whether this number represents voters or citizens."

"It would be useful to add, if not already done, this number [of Russians] to the population count," remarked Erhurman sarcastically, mentioning various estimates from different sources.

Furthermore, the Turkish Cypriot press reports today that Bengisu Yorulmaz and Bayram Yagiz Aratzi, students from the Near East University (YDU) and members of the Northern Cyprus Association of Dental Students (NCADS), participated in the 70th biannual conference of the International Association of Dental Students – IADS, held in Tunisia in February. Representatives from 14 countries attended the conference, and plans were made for student exchanges between Russia and the pseudo-state.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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