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School becomes sanctuary for abandoned boy

A seven-year-old's resilience in cold neglect


In a heartbreaking tale from France, a resilient nine-year-old boy managed to endure two years of abandonment, living alone in a council flat during the Covid pandemic.

Accoridng to Daily Mail, despite facing extreme hardships, the intelligent child not only survived but excelled in school, hiding the chaos of his home life from teachers and friends.

The boy's mother, named Alexandra, left him alone, forcing him to navigate the challenges of daily life, from cold showers to scavenging for food. Miraculously, he maintained a facade of normalcy, impressing teachers with good grades and dedication to his studies.

Psychologists credit the boy's survival to the routine of school, describing it as the anchor that likely saved his life. The youngster, now in foster care, refuses to see his mother, who faces legal consequences for her actions.

The community, shocked by the revelation, grapples with guilt and questions why the boy's struggles went unnoticed for so long. As investigators seek answers, the boy's story highlights the importance of vigilance and support for vulnerable children in our modern, often disconnected society.

In the face of adversity, the boy's resilience and determination shine through, proving that even in the darkest circumstances, the human spirit can prevail.

[With information sourced from Daily Mail]

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