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Schools kickstart A/C installations in major upgrade

Government's cost-effective initiative ensures comfortable learning environments


The installation of air conditioners in schools is beginning, as announced by Government Spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis during a regular journalist briefing. Letymbiotis clarified that the cost of these installations will not burden the state budget, as the necessary funds have been secured from savings within the relevant Ministry.

Letymbiotis referred to the President of the Republic's prior announcement, made during a visit to Acropolis High School on September 7, where the installation of air conditioners in the first 50 schools was disclosed. These installations will involve 10 schools in each district and are being carried out in collaboration with school tax offices.

The selection of schools for air conditioner installations has been based on specific criteria established by the Ministry of Education. The plan to extend air conditioning to all schools within a three-year timeframe, as previously indicated, is progressing. Furthermore, the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Youth continues its initiatives to transform certain schools into eco-friendly "green buildings."

The Government Spokesperson affirmed that with vision, determination, and a methodical approach, they are working to effectively address an issue that has been a topic of public debate and concern for both educational staff and students over the years. Their commitment is to modernize and enhance the education system, its infrastructure, processes, conditions, and prospects for the benefit of all involved.

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