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30 May, 2024
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Seasonal low pressure system brings variable conditions

Fluctuating conditions across Nicosia


The local weather is under the influence of a seasonal low-pressure system, leading to fluctuating conditions across the area. The day will start with occasional patches of increased low-level cloudiness, but this is expected to give way to predominantly clear skies as the day progresses.

During the midday hours and beyond, mountainous regions can anticipate the development of isolated pockets of heightened cloud cover. These localized clouds might result in sporadic light rainfall. As the afternoon rolls in, coastal areas in the west and north are likely to experience an increase in low cloud cover.

Winds will maintain a gentle demeanor, starting off as southeasterly to southwesterly breezes, gradually shifting to mainly northwesterly directions by the afternoon. Wind speeds will remain light, ranging from 7 to 12 mph, potentially reaching 16 mph in some areas. Coastal regions in the east should brace for stronger winds of around 11 to 21 mph.

The maritime outlook reveals generally calm waters in the morning, with a slight disturbance. As the day progresses, the sea state will become slightly choppy in the southern, western, and northern coastal zones. In terms of temperatures, inland areas will climb to around 39 degrees Celsius, while western coastlines will see temperatures hovering at approximately 31 degrees Celsius. Other coastal regions can expect temperatures of about 33 degrees Celsius, while the higher elevated areas will experience cooler temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius.

Tonight, expect predominantly clear skies to persist, albeit with intermittent localized patches of increased low cloudiness. In the early hours of the morning, there is a possibility of scattered light fog. Wind patterns will undergo a shift, veering predominantly from the northwest to northeast, with southern coastal areas experiencing southeasterly winds at a leisurely pace of around 7 mph.

Marine conditions will see mild fluctuations, with calm to slightly choppy seas prevailing in the east. On the remaining coastlines, the waters will become slightly choppy, before showing signs of increased agitation later.

Temperatures tonight will see a dip, with inland areas experiencing lows of about 23 degrees Celsius. Coastal regions can expect temperatures to hover around 24 degrees Celsius, while higher elevations will settle at approximately 20 degrees Celsius.

As the week progresses, Friday will maintain mostly sunny conditions. However, watch out for sporadic localized cloud development in the mountains during midday hours and beyond. This cloudiness might give rise to isolated light rainfall. Temperature variations are expected to remain modest, aligning consistently with seasonal averages.

Saturday and Sunday** will bring similar weather patterns. Both days are projected to feature predominantly sunny skies, with the potential for isolated pockets of increased cloud cover in mountainous areas during midday hours and onwards. Temperature trends are anticipated to mirror the previous days, staying comfortably above typical climatic values.

Sunday will continue the trend of mostly sunny weather, but with the possibility of localized cloudiness in mountainous regions potentially resulting in isolated light rain. Temperatures will experience a minor dip, hovering close to seasonal averages.

Keep an eye on the evolving weather dynamics as this seasonal low-pressure system continues to influence the region's conditions.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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