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Second man dies after knife attack outside pub

Local men who got fatally stabbed in the neck had tried to protect male friend from knife attack


A second stabbing victim succumbed to his injuries following a deadly altercation outside a pub in Limassol, with local media saying the two men were attacked for rushing to the aid of another bargoer who had a dispute with the perpetrators.

Police said 51-year-old Michalakis Michael succumbed to his injuries late night Thursday around midnight, after he was stabbed in the neck during an altercation in the early morning hours outside a pub in Ypsonas.

Michael and 44-year-old Marios Onisiforou were fatally wounded outside the pub on Thursday early morning, just before 2am, after they were stabbed in the neck and face.

As the man lifted his right arm to shield himself, he was injured and then saw his two friends both getting stabbed in the beck, as he ran back inside while the perpetrators went after him

Local media said the two victims were trying to protect another individual, a 43-year-old male acquaintance, who had a fight days earlier in that same pub with the brother of one of the alleged perpetrators.

Two local suspects, described as Greek Cypriot males aged 49 and 54, have been placed in police custody on murder charges. A new remand hearing was scheduled for Friday following the second death.

According to a witness account, the three friends were inside the pub having some drinks when the two suspects walked outside and another person told the 43-year-old that someone wanted to have a word with him.

When the man walked outside with the two victims, they came face to face with the two suspects, with one of them reportedly shouting at the 43-year-old and trying to stab him in the neck.

“You bustard, I’m going to slaughter you,” he said.

As the 43-year-old lifted his right arm to shield himself, he was injured in the arm and then saw his two friends both getting stabbed in the beck by the two suspects, according to details heard in court during a remand hearing.

“After the two men fell on the ground in a pool of blood, he tried to run back inside and the two suspects went after him and one of them managed to stab him in the back of his head,” the judge heard.

Police said they were investigating premeditated double murder.

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