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EU Commission issues Green Line report

Trade and crossings across Green Line increase according to Commission report

Source: CNA

Trade, as well as crossings through the Green Line have increased in 2022 compared to 2021, according to an annual report on the implementation of the Green Line Regulation published by the Commission.

According to the annual report trade across the Green Line in 2022 increased by 138% to a record value of more than €14.6 million. In 2021, the value was close to €6.2 million.

The report also shows an increase in crossings of the Green Line by Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, other EU citizens and third country nationals to almost 6 million in 2022, compared to 2.3 million crossings recorded in 2021. This increase reflects a welcome return to normality after the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the report.

The Commission also adopted its annual report on the implementation of the Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community in 2022. A total of 33.4 million euro of EU funding was committed for 2022.

The EU’s funding includes 5 million euros towards the scholarship programme for Turkish Cypriots students which, which will benefit another 300 students, and has benefited more than 2000 students since 2007.

Also, the bi-communal Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage has received 2.6 million euros to continue its work in restoring or protecting cultural monuments across Cyprus, having already done so for more than 120 monuments so far.

The Commission also continues to assist the Turkish Cypriot community in complying with EU standards on food safety and animal health, so that Turkish Cypriot cheese producers, upon compliance, can trade halloumi across the Green Line for placement on the EU market, it is noted.


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