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Second WCK ship ready to break Gaza's crisis with 500 tons of aid

Ship 'Jennifer' loaded and waiting for Gaza call


Deputy Government Spokesperson Yiannis Antoniou recently unveiled plans for the departure of the 'Jennifer,' a vessel chartered by the non-governmental organisation 'World Central Kitchen,' from Larnaca Port in Cyprus to Gaza. Laden with 500 tons of essential dry food supplies, the ship signifies a crucial lifeline for the region.

Antoniou explained that the 'Jennifer' has been meticulously prepared for its voyage, undergoing thorough inspections and loading procedures. However, its departure hinges on the mercy of weather conditions, with officials closely monitoring forecasts to ensure safe passage.

The initiative, spearheaded by 'World Central Kitchen,' underscores the pressing humanitarian needs in Gaza, where access to basic necessities remains a constant challenge. With conflicts and political tensions exacerbating an already dire situation, the timely arrival of these provisions could provide much-needed relief to vulnerable communities.

While the exact timing of the departure remains uncertain, authorities are poised to give the green light as soon as conditions permit. In the meantime, anticipation builds among volunteers and supporters eagerly awaiting the moment when the 'Jennifer' can sail forth on its mission of compassion and solidarity.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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