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Seized titanium en route to Iran

Customs officials in Piraeus foil suspicious shipment en route to Iran, uncovering dual-use concerns

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

Titanium rods and high-tech lathes, which are raw materials that can have civilian, commercial, but also military use, have been seized by customs officers at the port of Piraeus. They were loaded at the port of Shanghai in China and, according to information from a foreign agency that reached the Money Laundering Authority, were destined for Iran.

Indicative of the seriousness of the case is that, in addition to customs officials, members of the military and the Fire Brigade were recruited with special equipment to deal with nuclear and radiological threats, and took part in the investigation to seize the cargo.

The case began to unfold in late February when two containers were loaded on a cargo ship of the giant Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) from the port of Shanghai in China, bound for Istanbul.

The customs declarations listed a multinational logistics company with branches in China and Turkey as both the consigner and consignee of the cargo. The documents also described the contents of the containers, namely titanium bars, a high-tech lathe for processing titanium and containers with chemicals.

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