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24 June, 2024
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Showers and thunderstorms ahead

Around 17°C inland, hitting about 19°C along the southeast and east coasts


So, today's vibe? Cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms, maybe even some hail, but don't worry, it's gonna be like a quick pop-up show, especially out west and up north.

By lunchtime, expect more clouds rolling in, bringing along scattered showers and thunder, especially in the hills and towards the east. Oh, and up in Troodos, you might even get a dusting of snow or sleet!

Winds? They'll be doing their thing from southwest to northwest, starting off gentle to moderate, then cranking it up a notch by the beaches. Sea's gonna be a bit riled up too.

Temps? Around 17°C inland, hitting about 19°C along the southeast and east coasts, and hovering around 18°C elsewhere. But up in the mountains? Chilly, around 7°C.

Tonight's plan? Clouds partying it up, bringing in some showers, and maybe a thunderclap or two, especially along the coast. Winds chilling out, becoming more laid-back.

Sea's gonna be settling down too. Temps? Dropping to about 6°C inland, 9°C along most coasts, and 11°C out west. Mountains? Around 2°C, watch out for frost!

Thursday and Friday? More of the same show, with showers and thunderstorms popping up, especially in the afternoons. Troodos might even get another dusting. Saturday's forecast? Clouds creeping in, followed by some afternoon showers and storms.

Temps will be doing a little dance until Friday, then going back to their usual groove on Saturday. So grab your umbrella and enjoy the weather dance!

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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